The Footwear Factory

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About Us

Our company - the Footwear Factory - has been in Christchurch for over 25 years. We started out in a little shop in Papanui and then moved to Riccarton where we were based for about 12 years. Many of you will remember our store in the Countdown Centre / Smith City Centre (which is no longer there).

We moved to our new location 11 years ago and have found this site to be the best so far. New and large with lots of parking and easy accessibility, it is a favourite with us and our customers.

The owners are Russell and Jude Day. Russell has been with the company from its conception and enjoys the wonderful world of footwear. His motto is - if he can get it for you - he will! Jude works behind the scenes updating the web site and dealing with the emails and internet sales. Karen is our fabulous sales colleague who will always make you feel welcome. 

Jackson opes the shop on sundays for your convenience. Come in and meet Russ, Karen and Jackson and we know you will walk out a very happy customer.

p.s - keep an eye out for our special staff member who usually works on Wednesdays - Ted!